Round 9 Fakenham (Report by Sue Wood)
Great ride by Gary today also Joolz who had an amazing first few laps, we had a Maldon ladies 1-2 for a while
6th Gary Wood +2.08
19th Sue Wood +5.18
28th Chris Ridley +1lap+0.35
Joolz Halpin +1 lap+1.02
Kev Bunton 34th  +1 lap+2.18
Keely Bunton +2 lap+1.53
2nd George Wood +1.3
11th Sam Parker(2nd girl)+1lap+6.52
The course today wasn't as we had expected, huge descents with lots of air on the other side. One decent was very very slippery, and getting worse a the race went on. There were a few crashes on this section but thankfully none of us.
Maldon are still the1st club, I think we need one more 50 to win overall and hopefully this will be two weeks time at hog hill (5th December)