Round 8.Mistley/ Report by Sue Wood

Team standings at 14 November: CLICK HERE

15th Gary Wood +4:53
17th Sue Wood +5:48(1st w)
34th Kev Bunton +10:01
36th Joolz Halpin +1lap+ 0:13(2nd w)
56th  Keely Bunton +1 lap +7:53(7th w)
2nd George Wood + 26  sec
1st  girl Sam Parker (16th)
Maldon got 1st team agian
1Maldon & District4750505047504250         386  48.3 


Ipswich BC5047474250475047         380  47.5 
3Lee Valley Youth CC4047444739424744          350   43.8



 A tricky course 2day, well done to all who rode, rebecca had a bike tech so couldnt ride(unlucky, I think .lol.), this is mtb course, up and down in the woody glen, the hardest course I think on the league, but luckily for me it wasnt raining at the beginning, but when we stopped the rain started, U12 went next, so by the time the youth started it was really really slippery, sam, she rode really well and didnt hurt herself too much, although stinging nettles and brambles are a major part of this course when you go off course !! especially as we (Sam George Sue and Gary )all rode calshot track session the day before, stiff legs.