Training rides are run throughout the year and when rides are planned the dates, times and routes will be announced on here.Scroll down

Look out on the club Twitter or Facebook Group for other training rides which might be on. Use Twitter/Facebook Group to tell others about any other rides you would like to advertise.

Chain Gangs:
In summer, chain gangs are run from Beckingham Business Park (MAP), Great Totham. Check back for route, rules and details soon.

Group Training Rides:
In the off-season and early racing season, group training rides are held over the following six routes:

NO RACING, only group tempo riding until the mid point (marked*) on the map. Timings are approximate, but group not to leave the identified pick-up points more than five minutes earlier than the stated times. If twelve or more riders, then divide into two groups, to reassemble at the mid point. Wait for mechanical problems / punctures before the mid point. These are training rides, not club runs, so will ride tempo / fast, not to match the speed of the slowest riders. Please carry map / food / spare tubes etc in case you are dropped and have to fend for yourselves. There is no designated person in charge, these are informal but structured runs undertaken at the sole responsibility of the individuals participating, likewise there is no liability attached to Maldon & District Cycling Club whatsoever.